1872 Online Library Catalogue


Continuation of a large project to make the 1872 catalogue available online. My participation was in perfecting the automatic image rotator I designed in second year, and writing programs to find and display various entries the user searches for. We then made the catalogue available online using a MySQL database and PHP.

Development of programs to automatically correct (remove skew) badly scanned images of the 1872 printed catalogue. An OCR program was also built to assist in populating a database with the catalogue but commercial software was eventually used to handle the many languages used in the printed catalogue.



3d Structure from Motion from Uncalibrated Cameras

Final year project to build a 3d model of a scene captured with an uncalibrated video camera. The project involves obtaining 3d information from 2d images. This was done by determining a homography between frames in the video sequence and calculating depth information. Several approaches where implemented and compared.



This report addresses the techniques for 3D structure from motion for the case of an uncalibrated camera. The underlying theory is discussed and a number algorithms are compared. A working implementation of all the theory discussed in this report was created and it’s specific details and results are given. It was established that a reconstruction can be obtained up to a relative depth with an uncalibrated camera. Finally a conclusion and suggestions for improvement are proposed.